Work is where you are

The shape of business is changing. Your business is where you are – wherever you may be. You can access your information, get work done, and collaborate with your team from virtually anywhere, on your favourite device, all for one monthly per user subscription cost.

My VirtualWorkspace

The foundation for remote work

Today, more than ever, people are working outside of the office and on a range of different devices. To keep up with the speed of business, and the ever changing working landscape COVID-19 is providing us, employees need to access their work and collaborate with their colleagues wherever they go.

What if there was an affordable technology that helped you run your business as smoothly as your favourite app, with a billing model no different to Netflix? Enterprise Solutions’ My VirtualWorkspace combines the best technology to provide a fully-managed cloud-hosted virtual desktop-as-a-Service solution for you.

My VirtualWorkspace is a Desktop-as-a-Service solution that enables any size business to deliver cloud-hosted virtual desktops and apps to any device, from anywhere, securely. It is subscription-based with a predictable per user fee structure and easy to manage because there are no software updates, installs or security patches for IT (or you) to maintain.

Empower your business to work from anywhere

  • Work from anywhere
  • Your team can have 'anywhere access' to a Windows Desktop, complete with MS Office, Exchange email as well as your business' data.
  • Cashflow Friendly
  • All your IT costs are rolled into one simple monthly subscription, you can expand or reduce the number of users whenever you like.
  • IT Support Inclusive
  • Our expert Support Team ensures your business' IT is up-to-date and error free.


  • Secure and Compliant
  • We protect you and your business 24/7 with the very latest in IT security. If your device is lost, stolen or damaged, your company data stays safe.
  • Cut your IT Costs
  • No upfront IT investment, staff costs or maintenance charges.


  • Includes Disaster Recovery
  • Because your data is stored is protected, you don't have to worry about data loss. Fire, flood, or global pandemic - you're protected and can resume working instantly with no lost data.